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Hi, I’m Annie!

I’m a wife and mom to the most sassy (and adorable) 2-year-old. I also have 2 angel babies that I lost to miscarriage. I love to research and learn about all the nitty gritty details surrounding pregnancy, labor, birth, and babies. My drive to learn, as well as my own birth experiences, are what led me to become a doula.

I believe birth is a sacred event that should empower women. As your doula, I have 3 goals:

  • Help to educate you and your support system on your options, so you feel prepared and confident for your birth.

  • Support and empower you in achieving your birthing goals.

  • Hold sacred space for you in your birth journey.

I’d love to get to know you and answer any questions you have. Contact me today to schedule your complimentary consultation!